Over 25 Million Pairs Sold

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It all starts with our unique, proprietary material, Microplast. It is lightweight, non-slip, cushions the step, and flexes with your feet. Perfecting this material has been our greatest success, and it is what makes Okabashi totally unique.

Unique Construction

Our material is molded to a precisely finished shoe creating the perfect feel on the sole. Our method of construction enables us to deliver perfectly placed massage beads and contours with exceptional durability.

Contoured Foot-bed

If you study our foot-bed closely, you’ll see built in contours, with extensive arch support that make it so extraordinarily comfortable. Building the ultimate foot-bed is our specialty with every style we design.

Exceptional Fit

We are experts in shoes that fit. The perfect fit is created by using a model of the human foot called a “last”. Our footwear engineers modify designs countless times before finalizing them. These designs accommodate a wide range of foot forms, and we pride ourselves in delivering a shoe that fits every foot.

Alignment & Posture

Posture is important for your personal health. If your shoes are not correctly designed and constructed, your body loses its natural alignment. Okabashi products are designed to help your posture and align your body, creating relief and comfort in other areas of the body.

ACA Endorsed

Okabashi is the only footwear line endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association. The ACA recognizes that we provide a shoe that is designed for comfort and support at an incredible value.