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"I have 9 pairs of the flip flop and they are wonderful!!! Most comfortable sandals I have ever owned! I am diabetic and have had trouble in the past finding a cute, colorful sandal that feels good on my feet. Okabashi solved my problem! I plan on buying more!"

What is Reflexology?

The ancient study of reflexology identifies nerves in the foot that are connected with various organs and muscle groups around the body. Stimulating these nerves is said to have a positive impact on the wellness of those associated areas.

Unique Design

A contoured footbed provides arch support for proper body alignment and stability.


Our proprietary soft, flexible material cushions your feet with every step.

Massage Beads

A gentle massaging insole provides relief and relaxation for tired, and aching feet.

Wear sturdy, comfortable shoes whenever feasible to protect your feet. To be sure your shoes fit properly, see a podiatristĀ (foot doctor) for fitting recommendations or shop at shoe stores specializing in fitting people with diabetes. Your endocrinologist (diabetes specialist) can provide you with a referralĀ to a podiatrist or orthopedist who may also be an excellent resource for finding local shoe stores. If you have flat feet, bunions, or hammertoes, you may need prescription shoes or shoe inserts.

be sure to find a shoe that offers a superior amount of stability and support-like okabashi.