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Latex Free Shoes

Most shoes are made with some degree of latex, a material derived from the sap of the rubber plant. Hardened latex is used in the soles and the outer material of bedroom slippers, rubber boots, and sneakers. Even shoes that do not contain latex within the soles or outer covering are often held together with a latex adhesive. Those with a latex allergy should avoid shoes containing latex, but there is another benefit to choosing latex free styles- protecting the environment.

When looking for latex free shoes,try Okabashi on for size. All Okabashi shoes are made out of a material that is antimicrobial, vegan, dishwasher-safe, and latex free. There are many styles of Okabashi shoes available for any occasion. Okabashi produces latex free flip flops, latex free slip-on shoes, and other comfortable latex free shoes. There are many stylish options for both men and women. Okabashi shoes are not only good for your feet- they are good for the planet, too. Okabashi offers an easy-to-use recycling program for all footwear. When your shoes become worn out, all you have to do is mail them in. Try these shoes for yourself, or recommend them to a friend who is looking for an environmentally-friendly, latex free shoe.