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Recycling your Okabashi Shoes

How does Okabashi shoe recycling work?

">Okabashi recycling starts with theraw material that we use to make the shoes. It's a specially formulated, patented, recyclable blend of plastics called MicroplastTM. The material is unique in that it can be softened andremolded. It is also far more durable than the plastics used in other similar sandals and shoes, so your shoes should last at least 2 years (View theOkabashi 2-Year Warranty (pdf)). Okabashi also refrains fromusing adhesives to glue shoes together. Adhesives cause contamination, which makes recycling very difficult.

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When the Okabashis finally do show enough wear that they need to be recycled, just send them to us. After they arrive, our team willinspect them for contaminants. If the shoes are contamination-free, we grind them up and blend the little pieces of previously molded Okabashis into the mixture for new Okabashis. The plastics ares oftened at temperatures that do not release any unhealthy chemicals into the environment, and then remolded into new, beautiful Okabashi shoes.

Learn moreabout Okabashi's commitment to the environment.

How can I recycle my shoes from home?

Check your local recycling program to find out if there are any restrictions on recycling plastic.  If there are no restrictions on #3 plastics, your Okabashis can be dropped-off or picked-up curbside.  If there are restrictions on #3's, sendthe shoes back to us!  Visit www.1800recycling.com to find a #3 drop-off location near you.  (Just click Plastic, then Plastic #3, and then enter your zip code.)

How much recycled material makes up each shoe?

The amount of recycled material in each pair of Okabashis depends on the amount available. The average pair of Okabashi sandals made this year has about 25% recycled material. Darker colors typically have more recycled material than lighter colors like white and yellow.  

Okabashi Recycling Address

ATTN: Recycling Program
Okabashi Brands
4823 Roy Carlson Blvd.
Buford, GA 30518

*Include your e-mail address when you recycle apair, and we'll send you a 15% off coupon for newOkabashis.