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Reflexology Inspired Design

A key element in all Okabashi footwear is the massaging, supportive insole.  Okabashi's reflexology-based insoles are both comfortable and good for circulation.  Although every Okabashi style is slightly different, the massage beads are placed across the forefoot and arch (Reflexology Group A), or across the midfoot and arch (Reflexology Group B).

The ancient study of reflexology identifies nerves in the foot that are connected with various organs and muscle groups around the body.  Stimulating these nerves is said to have a positive impact on the wellness of those associated areas.  Stimulating all of those nerves at one time is too much for most people, which is why our footwear does not have massage beads covering the entire insole.

Scroll over the feet below to see how reflexology inspires our design:

Reflexology Chart

The early Chinese, Indian and Egyptian peoples practiced the art of healing known as reflexology. Foot reflexology is the health practice of stimulating and opening blocked meridians, or energy channels, that are responsible for maintaining the body's healthy balance. Blockage in the six main meridians in the feet obstruct the body's energy flow, which causes tension and susceptibility to illness caused by the body's failure to heal itself and ward off ailments. Accompanying the important meridians found in our feet, are over 7,000 nerve endings that are interconnected through our spinal chord and brain, which send crucial messages throughout our bodies. Okabashi shoes are designed to achieve the benefits of reflexology; each step stimulates vital spots on the soles of the feet.