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Customer Testimonials

"I have never had a more comfortable pair of shoes in my life."

Marie (Ontario)

“I have suffered with plantar fasciitis for years and your shoes are the only things that give me great relief. Thanks so much for your wonderful sandals.”

Chris (California)

“As a teen in high school, I need several things in shoes; durability, comfort, fashion and good price. I buy something like seven pairs of Okabashis every year. Thanks for cool comfy long-lasting shoes I can get for cheaper than $35.”

Stephanie (Connecticut)

I’ve just returned from four weeks in Japan. We walked hot city streets, climbed stairways to shrines and temples and covered almost 5 miles a day in my Okabashi sandals.
— Linda (Oregon)

They are durable and carefree. I used to go barefoot indoors, but now I wear Okabashi instead!
— Robin (Nevada)

Thank you Okabashi shoes. I was diagnosed with arthritis and could not put on any shoes EXCEPT my Okabashi cross over slides.
— Emma (New York)

I have worn Okabashi’s for the last 20 years. They are the MOST comfortable shoes I have ever worn.
— Kuruna (Delaware)

Let me tell you, they’re wonderful! I have fallen arches, and they have a real arch support which actually fits and supports my foot.
— Chuck (Texas)

I got rid of other shoes I had as I knew I would not go back to them. This year I bought a new pair for my trip to Italy!
— Cecilia (California)

My feet and legs feel so much better since I started wearing the Copenhagen style to work.
— Lisa (New Hampshire)

My feet are less tired, hot and irritable than any other shoe I’ve ever purchased. Thank you!!!
— Vanessa (Maine)

I never thought they would be the most comfortable sandals I have ever owned nor did I think that they would become my favorite shoes to wear.
— Jane (Indiana)

I just purchased my second pair of Okabashi sandals, my first pair are nearly worn out, yet I can hardly bear to throw them out!
— William (Oregon)

Thanks for the affordable quality and comfort.
— Ron (Florida)

I own two pairs of your shoes. I tell my friends they are the best.
— Cynthia (Arizona)

I love my Okabshi’s and I have found the to be the greatest relief for heel spur pain.
— Dori (Delaware)

I have been buying and wearing Okabashi sandals since 1988. I own about 28 pairs.
— Tom (Illinois)

I’ve never worn more comfortable shoes. I’m truly hooked! I’m a life long fan now!!!!!
— Gayle (Alabama)

My husband is even going to buy some for himself because he hears me praise mine so much.
— Maria (Maryland)

The price is amazing for such a wonderful and comfortable shoe!
— Lorien (Utah)

I bought your cross strap sandal for comfort, but I am finding out that they are more than just comfortable; they are durable.
— Marlene (New York)

They are the BEST sandals I’ve ever purchased!!
— Ginny (Michigan)

As a French teacher I was on my feet for seven hours a day- Okabashis were the miracle I needed to make it through the day.
— Marie (Texas)

I love your product and HURRAY, they are made in the USA! THANK YOU!”
— Donna (Rhode Island)

I have been wearing Okabashis for several years now. They are great. I work in a hospital where clogs are often worn. Thanks!
— John (Maryland)

I’ve bought several pairs of these shoes for me and maybe 10 for my in-laws in the Philippines and boy does everybody love them. Keep up the good work!”
— Michael (Colorado)

I manage a Chiropractic office here in Savannah so I was thrilled when I read about the reflexology aspect of the shoes as well. I really love them. Thanks for a great product at a great price.”
— Janice (Georgia)

I have been wearing Okabashis for more than a decade and they are THE MOST COMFORTABLE FOOTWEAR I HAVE EVER WORN (and, at 56 years of age, I’ve worn quite a bit of footwear!)”
— Joan (Florida)

I wore my first pair of Okabashi sandals when I was cleaning out my mother’s house after she passed away. Since that day 4 years ago I have the same pair! Every time I wear the shoes I think of her. Thanks Okabashi for helping me be closer to my Mom!
— Cathy (Texas)

I have been wearing Okabashi sandals for fifteen years and they are the best.”
— Humphrey (South Carolina)
I have knee trouble and a heal spur and it is amazing what these shoes do to help ease my pain. Thank you!”
— Carol (Pennsylvania)

I have fibromyalgia, degenerative disk disease, spondylolisthesis, bursitis, pinched nerves, bulging disks, arthritis and osteoarthritis. My mom bought me a pair of the cross strap sandals and I’ve barely taken them off. I spent 45 minutes walking around with NO PAIN that it usually entails. Thank you SO MUCH for these shoes, you truly are a Godsend.”
— Kathy (Georgia)

I absolutely love your sport sandals. The arch support is perfect for me. Thank you!”
— Tenaya (Ohio)

I have been wearing your shoes since the mid-1980’s due to an accident that caused lost mobility of my ankle. Thank you so much for the comfort!”
— Mary (Georgia)

I just purchased my 5th pair, I just love them.”
— Dan (Oregon)

I’m ecstatic I’ve finally found something that makes my feet feel good… Thank you so much!!!!”
— Joanne (New Jersey)

Okabashi has made my life more comfortable. THANK YOU!”
— Bonnie (Virginia)

I just bought my first pair of Okabashi sandals, I LOVE THEM! My feet fee relaxed and comforted like no other sandal I have ever worn. I must say for the price and style and comfort you are getting there is no other shoe that can beat these, they really are great! Thanks Okabashi!
— Victoria (British Columbia)
I have given Okabashis as a gifts and own five pairs myself. They are the most comfortable shoes I own. Everyone should wear them.
— Jacqueline (Vermont)

I purchased a pair of your sandals this weekend and they are the most comfortable fitting ever. I will recommend them to all my friends.
— David (California)

My mom lives in Conroe, Texas and loves them because they help her knee and foot problems. She is so relieved. Thank you!
— Sara (Texas)

I love your shoes. Best I have ever worn.
— Jill (North Carolina)

I am a disable from neuropathy; your shoe was a gift from God!
— Peggy (Oklahoma)

I just bought the Sarasota, They are wonderful and since I work in the yard it’s so simple to just rinse them off with a garden hose outside. I love the price, it enables me to buy multiple pairs. Thank you for making great, affordable shoes.
— Rosemarie (Arizona)
I love your collection of shoes. They are so comfortable and so reasonably priced.”
— Joyce (Georgia)

I love your sandals! I’ve had a pair for 3 years and they all the difference to my comfort and energy.”
— Evelyn (Ontario)

I want to get my Mom a pair of sandals because they are comfortable and well made. Thank you for manufacturing great comfortable shoes in the good old USA and not in China.”
— Cindy (Alabama)

I have several pairs of Okabashi sandals and I love them. They do not hurt my feet in the least where other shoes do. Thank you for the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.”
— Pat (South Carolina)

I have a ruptured disc, and I am not able to stand for more than 15 or 20 minutes before I have pain. I bought a pair of your sandals and can now stand at my stove and cook dinner. Thank you so much.”
— Mary (Florida)

I can’t believe I can finally find these shoes on the Internet! I have had a pair for years and they are by far THE most comfortable sandals I have ever worn. I wear them in the garden, to the beach, to the campground.”
— Marcia (Texas)

Since your shoes are waterproof, they can go everywhere inside and out, and when they look grubby I just toss them in the wash. Thank you!”
— Ileen (California)

Last year, I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciti Tarsal Tunnel in my right foot. The pain became unbearable for about 6 months. I got a pair of Cleo sandals and have not had any more pain or problems since. Your sandals saved me from having surgery! Thank you.”
— Lisa (Florida)

I have the Cleo style and they are the first sandals without a backstrap that stay on my feet. I’m thrilled!”
— Carmen (Tennessee)

I'm a high school teacher and a mom of 3 kids. I can't get through the day without my Okabashis! From the classroom, to the ball fields, to the grocery store... I literally wear them everywhere!
— Christine, South Carolina)

I love your shoes and my feet have never felt so good. Both my husband and I have had a lot of foot problems. Thank you.”
— Linda (Hawaii)