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Vegan-Friendly Shoes

100% of Okabashi’s product line is 100% vegan-friendly… and it’s been that way since the very beginning.  Okabashi takes pride in offering a selection of stylish, high quality, non-leather and cruelty free products.  A pair of Okabashis is the perfect addition to your vegan-friendly wardrobe. Whether dressing up or down, you’ll find a pair for every occasion. All Okabashi shoes are also made in the USA, recyclable, and designed with wellness benefits for all day comfort.  Okabashi Shoes are animal-friendly and cruelty-free shoes. For More information Visit PETA.ORG.

Okabashi has been featured in a number of vegan-friendly press outlets including Alicia Silverstone’s the Kindlife Blog and Vegetarian Times.