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  • Torino



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    1 stars
    Bitterly disappointed
    March 1, 2014
    I really wanted to like these, but they were just unwearable. I got the LL (Men's 9.0-10.0), which should have been right on the money as I wear a 9 1/2 running shoe and 9 workboot. Yet the sandal rubbed terribly on my fifth toes and also stuck out significantly in back. The right sandal also turned out, causing my heel to strike the inside edge on every step. I tried wearing them in tighter and looser positions but nothing worked. Support and shock absorption were nonexistent; even walking in grass jarred like bare feet against concrete, and the inner texturing just irritated my soles. The sole of the sandal seemed to have good traction, but the inside canceled that out by slipping badly. Ultimately, I couldn't even walk a block in them without giving up. At least the sandals seemed durable and easy to clean, and I like that they are recyclable and not made with foreign sweatshop labor, but they simply did not work for my feet.

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