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  • Cross-Strap



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    5 stars
    Like Walking on Sunshine?
    May 1, 2011
    Eight years ago I purchased this style & to this day, NO shoe ever eleminated foot complaints like this style. I normally wear size 8 but the ML 8.5-9.5 pleases my foot the most. No pointy or between the toes for me! Fits snug but not tight even for my wider bridge, fantastic arch support and the best thing of all...material stays cool! These shoes are not shoes at all. They are my feet! I can not step out of bed without them! They are my year round shoes! Dressy enough too! My second favorite is the Mesina style but the cross strap will out last them. Unless I am wearing Okabashi my feet hurt, with them my feet take me pleasantly where I need to go! Thank YOU Okabashi! You are my favorite constant companion!

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