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    5 stars
    Very Comfortable, slight annoyance.
    March 22, 2012
    I have very wide feet (11EEEE), have had issues with plantar fasciitis, and was looking for a new pair of sandals to replace an old pair of Rockports that were eaten by a dog.

    I stumbled across the Okabashi website after what seemed like an endless search for wide sandals, and the reviews looked good. I ended up purchasing my sandals through Amazon (prime member) rather than direct from Okabashi since I only wanted one pair to try and didn't want to pay shipping.

    When I first tried the sandals on I was apprehensive. The fit was tight, but after wearing for a few minutes the straps started to loosen up a bit. I like the feel of the arch support and the massage bumps. I'd have to say that when wearing them my feet don't hurt at all, which I can rarely say.

    One slight annoyance I discovered soon after was the "Suction Cup" action of the sandal on smooth floors. I fixed this by drilling tiny holes across the heelbed cups.

    I will be ordering more!

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