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    5 stars
    I can't say enough about these shoes!!!
    September 28, 2011
    I happened upon these shoes by chance in my local grocery store, of all places. I noticed the design of the footbed and how supportive they looked. The price was also appealing at $15. I had been dealing with a 6 month long bout of plantar fasciitis and looking for a supportive sandal to wear around my house. I was reluctant to spend $50-60 on other types of supportive sandals that I found online, and didn't want to have foot injections at the doctors, so I purchased these sandals with a small amount of hope that they just might help. I wore them loyaly for three weeks around my house. Like magic my foot pain faded and has been gone for two months. I am so pleased that I have recommended this brand of shoes to my family members with foot pain. I am now a forever customer. Thank you Okabashi

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