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  • Sienna



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    3 stars
    Extremely comfortable ugly shoe
    October 3, 2012
    I agree with Liza D in LA, who wrote in her review, “These shoes are so ugly/unattractive but so ridiculously comfortable! I sacrifice my fashion ego [to wear them].” So I ask, why does Liza D or I have to sacrifice our egos to wear Okabashi shoes? Can’t your company put out an attractive shoe?

    My second question is, Doesn’t your company have a “design department”? What do they do for a living? It sure isn’t designing shoes ‘cause it’s been at least a year and possibly two since Okabashi came out with any new designs.

    Here you have 2 customers telling you your women’s shoes are “ugly”—flat out butt ugly—and you don’t do a thing about it. You don’t even issue any new ugly styles.

    Okabashi shoes are the most comfortable shoe in the world, and the most unattractive. How about you re-issue the Rosemont, a good-looking shoe, and you’d have at least one attractive shoe. Given how comfortable your shoes are, if they also looked good you people could probably make some real money.

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