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  • Sienna



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    5 stars
    For sensible shoppers...
    December 18, 2012
    Elaine Douglass and Liza D: To each her own, LOL. Okabashi's aren't ugly shoes; maybe the shoes you think are pretty are based on corporate machinery (advertising and marketing) telling you they're pretty and Okabashi's don't put their money into that facet of the fashion industry.

    Or maybe you have ugly feet that Okabashi's don't disguise?

    If you are all up in foot fashion, maybe you should traipse over to Okabashi's more fashion foot forward site: OKAb. http://www.oka-b.com
    (I think that's where Okabashi's designers are busy putting in their efforts for people like Elaine and Liza.)

    The rest of us can enjoy Okabashi's great deals on sensible shoes made in the USA.

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