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  • Ocean Flip Flops

    Ocean Flip Flops


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    2 stars
    Hurt my feet
    March 18, 2011
    I hate to go against the grain here but these were just not comfortable for me. There are two sets of raised "nubs." They are very harsh on my skin and left my feet feeling raw in those spots after wearing them around the house for a little while. The first set of nubs is placed right at the arch of my foot and if it were smooth instead of textured it might be OK. The second set is in front of the arch in the middle of the sandal and I can't really see the purpose for it being there. It hits my foot in a spot that does not need support so it's even harsher on my skin and feels very awkward.

    I like the concept of Okabashi sandals because they are environmentally responsible but for me, they just aren't comfortable enough to wear even for a little bit.

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