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    Okabashi - do you read these??
    June 23, 2014
    I normally wear a solid size 10. My feet are not chubby and seem to be of average thickness. I had to buy Okabashi men's sandals in L because the straps on the women's sandals in the size that should have fit cut into my skin. Almost every review mentions the fact that all these sandals run small. Why is it that this doesn't get corrected? At least redo the sizing and also add an actual women's 10 - 11 - maybe (LL) just like the men's. Also, the women's sandals have air space under the arch, so the arch collapses when you step down. The men's sandals don't collapse on the arch. They are unbelievably comfortable! If only I could get some women's styles that actually fit. Please add a women's LL. Or make some cuter colors in the men's sandals - kind of a unisex thing so men or women could wear them. Peoples feet are getting much larger these days and a size ten is very common. Love Okabashi sandals in men's and would really love them in something besides brown and black!

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