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    5 stars
    Excellent. Durable and stable. No smell
    July 30, 2012
    I wear sandals 8 months of the year and go through sandals at least 2 per season. And I wear them till they break. I've had Okabashi Surfs since early spring and I have ABUSED them.

    I just took them to puerto rico and walked about 15 beaches and hiked 2 hours on strenuous trails in the rainforest. They look nearly new. There was no risk of breaking the toe strap even under heavy pressure.

    I also usually have terrible foot odor. Gross but true. My sandals are normally disgusting. These don't hold odor whatsoever. And they are SUPER comfortable for me (gave them to my brother in law and he didn't care for them - but I think they may have been too small). Probably the most comfortable sandal I've ever had. For $9.99 at CVS they are definitely worth way more than that.

    Slip Resistance is a plus. I used them on slippery rocks in the rainforest and they definitely helped.


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