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  • Surf


    3 stars
    Durable, non slip sandal
    April 27, 2012
    I got these and the Milan to wear on a recent trip to Cabo. These feel very durable and provide excellent arch support. Additionally, they were great around the pool and wet surfaces, their grip is fabulous. No slip!

    My biggest problem though was the strap in between the toes. It feels and seems unusually large and therefore created pain in between my toes and caused the skin to break away. In the end, I found myself wearing the Milan much more because they were more comfortable.

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  • Milan



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    4 stars
    Very comfy
    April 27, 2012
    These are my new go to sandals for the summer. They are very comfortable and feel like they are good for my feet. Additionally, they are a bit dressier for going out in the evening when at the beach or a relaxed atmosphere.

    My only small complaint is when walking on a tile floor or smooth surface the heel tends to suction to the floor. The results are the sandals making a popping noise or at time completely suctioning to the floor to the point of making my step awkward. I have learned to adapt my gate/step a bit to decrease the odds of them suctioning to the floor.

    Overall, very happy.

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