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  • Classic Flip Flops

    Classic Flip Flops


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    3 stars
    Mixed feelings
    June 2, 2014
    My first pair lasted for many years, probably about 4. I used them everyday -in summer-for walking and biking,as well. They were very comfortable to wear and also made long days of sightseeing backpacker style bearable. My second pair, however, only lasted a few weeks. My mom bought them over to Europe for me in winter before a trip to Indonesia and the toe part gave way 3 weeks into our trip and i had to bin them. There was no chance of carrying an extra pair of not quite so light "flip flops" in my backpack unnecessarily and there was not much I could have done from Hungary anyway. Granted they are not made for this but my lifestyle had not changed between my first and second pair. I love their feel so I am going to give it one more try and see how they hold out this time. i just hope that when they give way I won't be as far from home as last time.

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