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  • Classic Flip Flops

    Classic Flip Flops


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    5 stars
    The Best Sandal EVER
    July 31, 2011
    I bought three pairs of these at Rite Aid about 12 years ago (they only had black and white) and they have been by far, the most comfortable, durable, and practical sandal I have ever bought! (At the time they were only $5! Inflation!) I am a 'shoe-a-holic' that would put Immelda to shame so I have a LOT of sandals to compare to! I still have two of the three pairs I orginally purchased; one pair inadvertently sacrificed to a puppy!

    I work at a green house in the summer and wear these sandals every day. I work 10-12 hour days and am still comfortable at the end of the day! They are super easy to keep clean and, now that I found this site -- it was VERY smart to mold the brand name AND size in the bottom of the shoe where it couldn't wear out -- I will never buy another brand again. I just ordered a bunch in fun colors for both me and my son.

    THANKS TO THE DESIGNERS on this one. 100% Great!

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