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  • Classic Flip Flops

    Classic Flip Flops


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    3 stars
    A bit disappointed.
    October 4, 2012
    I have a pair of these I bought at a drug store 10 years ago, and I'm still wearing them, but they're getting old and worn so I thought I'd order some new ones. They are the most comfortable sandals I own, and the best for my problem feet.
    The old version of these shoes (from 10 years ago) was made from a softer, more cushioning material, and they were a bit roomier. The ones I just received are cut a bit smaller (I'd guess exactly size 7, and I'm a 7 1/2) and are made of a very hard plastic material - no cushioning at all. The oval "Okabashi" logo in the heel cup is nothing but a paper sticker that starts coming off the first time you wear them. Underneath the sticker in the left heel cup is a plastic bump. Sigh...
    Whenever I find a product I love, it seems the company decides to change the design or material and skimp on the quality.

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