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  • Weave



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    5 stars
    These are GREAT!!!! BEST SHOES!!!
    July 25, 2011
    My mom had a pair of these around the house and I took them! And I ended up trying 14 pairs of Okabashi shoes looking for something that fit like these do! The Milans were the only ones that worked for me.

    So I wrote to Okabashi and asked them to please bring these shoes back,as they were not available this past spring.

    I am so happy to see these! The Weaves or Magna-Sandal as they say on them are comphy, have a nice heel cup, stay on the foot well, and are lightweight.
    Yippeee! :)

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  • Milan



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    4 stars
    sizing frustrating, ordered 14 pairs, these I am keeping!
    April 21, 2011
    Finding the right fit was frustrating, old styles are not sized as the new sandal styles are. I LOVE the Magna-Sandal in M, but it's not made anymore.
    I'm a W's Nike 8 with plenty of toe room. I was looking for easy to slip-on shoes that are durable to disinfect. And wide enough to wear my Smartwool Hiking socks with inside in the winter. And then wear them sans socks in the garden the rest of the year.
    I LOVE the deep heel cup these have, how it cradles my heels, keeps my heel from moving about as the other Okabashi sandals allow! And the wide coverage of the Milan's straps hold the sandal on my foot better.
    I did notice that the Milans have a hollowed out bottom sole. When wet the soles make a vacuum, sticking slightly to a smooth floor and make smacking, sucking sounds. I wonder how easy it will be to get garden soil out of the bottoms? But they are very comphy for me, although to me, they look like duck feet! But what do I care!:) I'm into COMFORT!!!
    I ordered 4 more pairs!

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