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  • Weave



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    5 stars
    I found them!
    March 4, 2012
    When I saw the photo of the Weave style, I knew it well. More than 20 years ago, my mother bought a pair exactly like this in a drugstore. I laid claim to them whenever I visited her:) They fit so well, and are great for working in the yard,giving great support, yet being totally washable. I eventually moved back to Florida, and Mother needed my care. We combined households, so the shoes came to my house. I keep them by the back door so I never go out without shoes.

    I Have always wondered where I could buy more like them, but there is no name on them. They have to be the Weave--everything is identical. 20 years of hard wear and they are still in great shape. My feet have changed, but the shoes still fit me well.

    If all your shoes are as good as these 20 year old shoes, then I will be hooked on Okabashi. For painful feet due to neuropathy, this is just what the doctor ordered.

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