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  • Weave



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    5 stars
    Wow! you really listened!
    July 24, 2012
    I wrote to you last year begging on my knees that you would bring back the Weave. I knew you had to still have the mold for it and could reintroduce them, and you DID!! I've had to order different styles because you didn't have the Weave and they are ok but NOT like the infamous Weave! I was shocked when I opened your web page to see them sitting there smiling at me! Like others I've worn my one pair of Weaves left since the 90s, they look pretty used especially after the dog chewed some of the side away, but I still wear them!(at home.) I have heel problems and these were the only ones that helped relieve pain. The heel area of the Weave is made deeper than others, like 1/2". I had a pair at the homes of family members so I could change shoes. I am buying 4 pr. today. I will not be without them! Bravo!

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  • Torino



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    5 stars
    Excruciating pain
    May 7, 2011
    I have suffered for many years with Planters Fasciitis. It is like walking on nails. VERY painful!! I have purchased many other types of shoe touted to fix that pain, HAH! I wasted alot of money. Then I found the Torino sandles at a drug store and was so thankful I did. These were the only footwear I could walk in without great pain. I've had Okabashis now for some 10++ years going through many pairs. The pain is vastly reduced.
    I wear them everywhere I go except to church, but they are in the car waiting to change into. I live by the motto, "Don't leave home without them" Seriously!!

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