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  • Maui



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    3 stars
    Fits OK But Not Great
    July 31, 2012
    This was the only style of the four different styles I've tried that fit OK. However, if I wear them for too long/walk too much in them, the thong starts to rub my toe and it begins to hurt. I had high hopes that these shoes would fit and wear well but I am disappointed. I do love the bright orange color, however, so will keep these for when it's raining or when I don't believe I'll be on my feet much for them to hurt.

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  • Wave



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    2 stars
    Their Sizing Doesn't Work for Me
    July 31, 2012
    While I realize that their S-M-ML-L sizing is designed to help keep costs down, this sizing does not work for me. ML is too small for me (not only in this shoe, in other styles as well) and L is too big. I am not going to return shoes yet again because I will ultimately spend more money on shipping than the shoes are worth. But it is unfortunate because I liked the idea of this kind of shoe and am rather disappointed that they did not work out for me.

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