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  • Maui



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    5 stars
    one more time
    December 2, 2013
    these are without a doubt the most important shoes i have EVER worn. i'm on my fourth pair in four years and am an avid DAILY walker.

    my suggestion to anyone who rates this shoe from heaven with anything but a 5-star -- try a DIFFERENT STYLE of okabashi. if i had tried the type of shoe that goes OVER the foot, with my extremely high arch, and never tried this maui... i would have thought okabashi was insane to be in the shoe biz.

    look at your feet and look at 10 other peoples' feet. we are ALL born with different styles of feet.

    i ruined two of the over-the-arch okabashis within three wearings because my foot just totally broke them.

    on the contrary, with mauis, i wear ONE SINGLE PAIR daily, walking a minimum of 1/2 hour 7 days a week back and forth to my gym. they come off when i go into the pool and they come off when i go into my house. period. they are my feet's best friends.

    if you don't like mauis, i guarantee you will like a different style of okabahis.

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  • Classic Flip Flops

    Classic Flip Flops


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    5 stars
    the very best
    November 14, 2011
    anyone in el paso texas is crazy to wear anything else, 360 days a year. the other 5 i may give you a break if we actually have any snow that year. i always keep a backup pair. get 'em at mesa/shadow mountain walgreens! yay okibashi!

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