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Okabashi Shoes in the 1980s

February 12, 2017

Our shoes have been loved by over 40 million people. Did you know the average Okabashi Consumer has 4 pairs of Okabashi shoes.  We are excited to make some announcements about some favorite styles coming back. Do Email us, to let us know your Okabashi Story.

Press Releases

Making Okabashi Great Again

February 11, 2017
hadi irvani

Atlanta, GA. February 10th 2017. We are excited to announce that Hadi Irvani will be taking the helm of again. Yes. you heard it right the Classic weave and the shoes you love will come back. Do Click on the Feedback Sign and let us know what we can do!



Hadi used to be the Director of E-Commerce at Okabashi. He helped grow the company and has a passion for the Weaves. The most comfortable sandals in the world. During the past 3 years Hadi has founded and grown it to over 50 employees. Do check it out and use the code Hadi


Flip Flops: Back to School Essentials

September 6, 2016

It’s that time of year again… summer ends and the new school year begins. Whether you are in high school or college, there are some things that are essential to a successful school year. We aren’t talking a new set of pencils or a backpack (although those are needed too), we’re talking about Okabashi flip flops and sandals.

If you are a high schooler, you might have a full list of extracurricular activities and weekend plans. That’s where Okabashi comes in. Going to and from practice or a game? Slip on your Drift sandals. Post workout/PE class shower? Throw on those Maui/Surf flip flops. Headed to the park with friends on the weekend? Any of the Indigo flip flops make for a great, casual style.

If you are a college student living in a dorm, shower shoes are a must, and Okabashi makes for the perfect shower shoe. The Maui/Surf or the Drift sandals are comfortable, waterproof, and very easy to clean. Not only are they great shower shoes, but Okabashi shoes will keep your feet comfortable all day long while walking around campus – great for that busy schedule from class to extracurriculars and other on-campus involvements.


Women’s Maui Flip Flops

Share your on-campus Okabashi style on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #Okabashishoes and you could be entered to win a free pair of shoes!


6 Travel Destinations To Add To Your Bucket List

July 8, 2016

Summer is the perfect excuse to take a road trip and explore a new city. America has some of the most beautiful and cultural places in the world! We’ve compiled a list of a few travel destinations to add to your bucket list for your next summer adventure in the U.S., whether you’re looking for relaxation, adventure, or culture. And don’t forget to pack your Okabashis!

Havasu Falls, Arizona


For the more adventurous and experienced hikers, Havasu Falls is the place for you. With crystal clear waters deep in the Grand Canyon, the Havasu Falls are quite a beautiful sight to see. Combining hiking, swimming, exploration, and camping, the Falls are a fun place to spend a couple days.

Arches National Park, Utah

Arches National Park

Photo Credit: Travel National Geographic

Called a “red rock wonderland”, the Arches National Park is full of textures, landscapes, and colors to discover. Hike and explore during the day then set up camp to stargaze through the beautiful rock formations.

Gulf State Park, Orange Beach, Alabama

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Looking for more of a relaxing vacation? Orange Beach is two miles of white sandy beaches full of family fun. After riding the waves and relaxing in the sand, go inside Gulf State Park for a championship golf course, zip lining, and fishing pier extending 1,512 feet into the Gulf.

Bar Harbor, Maine

Photo Credit: NY Daily News

Photo Credit: NY Daily News

With beautiful ocean views, a quaint downtown with dining and shopping, and close proximity to the Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor is a place for everyone.

Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan

Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

Named the “Most Beautiful Place in America”, Sleeping Bear Dunes lies on Lake Michigan with stunning blue waters. Climb the dunes, swim in the waters, hike the Maple/Beech Forest, and much more.

Asheville, North Carolina

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Looking for a little of everything? Asheville has the culture and arts, historic landmarks, and sense of adventure. Visit downtown for shopping/dining/music, take a trip to the Biltmore Estate, hike through the Blue Ridge Mountains, and there still much more to do.


Festival Wear Inspiration

June 27, 2016

Festival season is an exciting time of year. It starts around April, peaks in the summer, and ends in the fall with a variety of cities holding 3-day weekends full of fun. Whether you’re in the desert, on the coast, or in the city, the most important parts of the festivals are the music and the fashion. Still looking for that perfect lineup and the best scene? Check out our list of the best music festivals coming up this year and keep reading for some festival wear inspiration.

If you’re like us, we start planning our festival outfit weeks leading up to the big weekend in hopes of landing that perfect look. No worries, we have all the outfit inspiration you need. The first thing you should pick out is your shoes. You need that comfort and support that will keep you dancing and walking all weekend long with your only care being where the next act is. Cue Okabashi flip flops and sandals. We have one women’s outfit and one men’s outfit along with their coordinating Okabashi shoes to keep you styling at your upcoming festivals. Let us know which festivals you are attending this year!

okabashi festival

Women’s Indigo Epic Flip Flops                          |                         Men’s Surf Flip Flops


3 Okabashi Tips for Staying Fit at the Office

February 22, 2016
3 Tips to stay fit

How many of us start the year with the same New Year’s resolution: to get in better shape, eat healthier, and work out more? The gym is always packed the first week of January, but as life interferes, many of us find it hard to stick to those fitness and lifestyle goals.

The number one reason people give for not sticking with fitness goals slack of time. In our high- pressure world, it’s hard to justify leaving work early or taking a break during the day to go to the gym. If you’re chained to the office, try these ways to stay fit:

1. Work out early, early, early
We know. It’s really hard! But working out early the day—whether it’s walking your dog, biking to work, or hitting the treadmill for even 20 minutes—boosts your metabolism for the rest of the day. It’s better for your brain, too!

2. Add more steps to your day.
Every little bit helps! Park as far away from your building as possible, take the stairs, or take detours throughout the day to keep moving. If you take public transportation, get off a stop early and hoof it a few times a week.

3. Remember your posture.
Sitting and standing up straight engages your abdominal muscles, improves alignment, keeps stress off joints, and improves circulation, respiration, and even digestion. (Chairs are a relatively recent innovation —humans are actually meant, like all other animals, to hold up their own weight all day).


Holiday Gift Ideas from Okabashi

December 7, 2015
Holiday Gift Ideas from Okabashi

It’s that season again—full of holiday joy and holiday craziness. No matter what holiday you celebrate, December has become the traditional time to show appreciation for the people  you’re grateful to have in your life— whether it’s your best friend since childhood,  the mail carrier who comes in the snowstorm,  the bus driver who is never late, or the neighbor who checks on your cat. This year, celebrate the joy of giving with gifts that will make someone else’s life just a little bit easier.

Local food. Everyone loves the touch of home cooking … but most of us barely have time to get dinner on the table! Hit a winter farmers market and scoop up locally made baked goods, artisanal cheeses, local wine and beer, or cold weather favorites likes soups and dips.

Little luxuries. The best gifts are things people really want—and they don’t have to be large or expensive! Cashmere gloves for the crossing guard, a bag of the best coffee beans for the bus driver, or elegant hand lotion for the teacher will be used and appreciated.

Blooming beauty. Bring sunshine into someone’s life with colorful houseplants, a  sunny flower arrangement, or winter blooming bulbs like paper whites or Amaryllis—and let the gift of nature keep on giving.

Comfort and joy. Anyone who is on their feet a lot will appreciate the gift of Okabashi sandals and flip flops. Our Copenhagen clogs will keep feet happy and healthy by supporting proper alignment and posture all year long!


Green Planet: Why Our Shoes are Vegan-friendly

September 21, 2015
Green Planet Vegan Friendly Shoes

Since 1984 we have created Okabashi shoes with the Earth in mind. Not only do we think a lot about how human feet interact with the Earth—and the man-made structures on the Earth—we think a lot about how our company and our products impact the Earth itself. By creating and selling environmentally responsible footwear, we strive to have minimal impact on the Earth while having a maximum impact on our customer’s health and wellbeing.

Because we believe in treading lightly on the Earth, we support our customers with a Vegan lifestyle—and we are proud that all of our Okabashi orthotically-correct shoes are created and  produced with no animal products or by-products.

Why would there even be animal products in our recyclable plastic footwear, you wonder? The fact is, there are animal byproducts—namely from beef processing— in everything from vinyl and rubber to dyes and inks. Other hidden sources of beef by-products include biodiesel, some shampoos and conditioners, and insulation.

Unlike other plastic footwear, which may contain animal byproduct based adhesives, dyes, or plastics, our shoes are made from 100 percent Microplast plastic, which can be remolded and recycled infinitely. When you are finished with a pair of Okabashi flip-flops, send them back to us, and we’ll use them again to create a brand new pair of Okabashi sandals.