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November 24, 2014

Common causes of foot pain

It’s a mystery why most high-fashion shoe designers don’t take into account the health of feet when designing shoes. Many stylish shoes don’t provide adequate support for the feet or the spine, and they can actually cause problems resulting in pain and suffering for the wearer. Losing the ability to walk comfortably is more than an inconvenience—it can lead to increased health problems throughout the body. Choosing supportive, foot-healthy shoes is more than a smart decision—it could be vital to your health. With Okabashi shoes, you can be confident you are making a healthy choice for your whole body.

Common culprits of chronic foot pain include wearing shoes with high heels and lack of support for arches, heels, grip for toes, and cushioning for the soles of the feet. Without proper support and cushioning, the entire spine can become misaligned, which can create pain not just in the foot, but throughout the body.

Other common causes of foot pain include skin conditions like plantar fasciitis and plantar warts. Normal shoes can aggravate and cause pain to feet with these conditions, but Okabashi shoes are designed specifically to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms. Many people suffering from bunions, hammertoes, or weak arches—which can cause agony in every step—have also given testimonies to the amazing comfort provided by Okabashi‘s orthopedically designed shoes.

Finally, serious health problems like diabetes, arthritis, and sciatica caused by bulging discs can all cause severe foot pain, leading to reduced mobility and affecting overall health. Invest in Okabashi sandals to help with any existing issues above or before foot pain begins to keep your feet healthy and pain-free for the future. 

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