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October 06, 2014

Athletes foot injuries and easy tips

With all of the running, the kicking, squatting, and quick turns, foot injuries and sports are like peas in a pod. From heel bruises to broken toes, even the smallest foot injury can keep you out of the gym and on the sidelines come game time. So to help you stay in the game and keep your feet intact, we’ve listed a few tips on how to recover from a foot injury, as well as some ideas on how to prevent one from happening in the future.


  • Ice it. Before you even ponder whether or not it’s a sprain or a break, ice down the injured area early and often. Doing so will help reduce the swelling and recovery time, so be sure to ice it for 15 minutes, three times a day for the first few days after the injury occurs.
  • Rest it for at least 24 hours. During that 24 hour time period, make an appointment to see the podiatrist, who can determine how bad the injury really is. If the injury is not severe, use crutches after 24 hours and begin to gradually use your foot without putting all of your weight on it.
  • Raise it while you rest. Foot up= swelling down. Put your foot on a couple pillows, or borrow a couple cushions from the couch to keep swelling down while you sleep.
  • Compress it. Wrap an elastic bandage around the affected area to keep the foot in place and prevent any further spraining or bruising.
  • Get moving. You’ll want to get moving as soon as the pain begins to subside in order to prevent muscle atrophy. Avoid any activity that requires heavy use of the foot until bruising, pain, and other symptoms are through.


Since the foot is full of tiny ligaments, warming up the foot prior to any athletic activity is crucial. Go with a light jog on a flat surface, and be sure to wear a supportive pair of footwear during and after any athletic activity.

Casual footwear doesn’t always support the unique contours of our arch and heel, oftentimes leading to pronation of the arch and abnormal alignment through the ankle. But here at Okabashi, we understand that no two feet are exactly alike, which is why we make all of our sandals with a cushioned heel cup and our cushy soft arch support.

Eco-friendly and cozy, Okabashi sandals are made right here in the U.S. with recyclable materials, featuring reflexology-inspired massage beads and our signature microplast sole for superior traction and unparalleled support. Foot injuries happen unexpectedly, but with Okabashi Footwear, you can keep your feet happy and healthy wherever you go.

If you have any questions or comments, or want to know more about how Okabashi Footwear can help you prevent foot injuries, feel free to post in the space below. Thanks for reading!

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