We asked you, our Okabashi family, why you're crazy for Okabashi. We wanted the most crazy stories, and boy did you deliver!

There were so many crazy stories, we loved reading through each and every single one of them.

It was so hard to choose, but here are a few of our favorites:

I never wore flip flops until I got my first pair of Okabashi and now the minute I am out of work, these are on my feet. Beyond comfort, these bad boys can be sanitized, so if you work rescuing animals and have to be super careful and clean your shoes constantly - these are the only kind that will stand up to that type of heat/disinfectant on a daily basis. And my elderly rescue pup has super course short hair which actually can work its way into your foot like shard of glass (who knew?!! I certainly didn't!). So these are on my feet the minute I get out of bed in the morning. I am a shoeaholic but these are my favorites and are on my feet 99% of the time. They are the only pair of shoes that I refuse not to have a pair with me wherever I am at (you never know when you will need the soothing comfort of your Okabashis!) These babies in a small are my soulmate of shoes! - CJ

Okabashi flip flops cat and dog

I LOVE Okabashi sandals! They are the BEST summer sandal out there...! They are the only shoes I wear in the spring/summer/fall (sandal tan lines to prove it!). But, I live in Ontario, Canada and cannot find them in-store anywhere anymore! The last place I randomly stumbled upon them was in Shopper's Drug Mart of all places! LOL! I scooped up the only pair they had in my size (M/7.5) and it totally made my day! Keep making these awesome kicks and I will keep wearing them. Thanks! - Jennifer

My 14 year old daughter is as rough on shoes as a dinosaur would be wearing shoes! She loves shoes, but she is rough on them (& doesn't really mean to be)! So, dress or play flip flops do not last long for her. But, <dum,dum,duuuuummmm> enter Okabashi flip flops! They last on her feet ..they last for more than a few weeks....they last the WHOLE summer (they can even be put up for the next year! I (mom) cheers because we found shoes that were built to last! I've been wearing Okabashi for over 15 years, buying my first pair in a drug store. They are my absolute favorites! I started buying them for my daughter too. I have bought for my mom and sister too, who have fallen in love with them. Because we already love Okabashi so much, we decided to try out her sister company Oka-B and love those shoes too! - Susan

I suffer from plantar fasciitis and Okabashi's are the ONLY shoes I wear! I bought the clogs to wear in the winter, so my poor size 10 feet wouldn't hurt in other shoes. I literally live in the sandals and flip flops. I have one pair that I only wear in the house. I absolutely love these shoes and I don't know what I would do without them! Any others that specialize in arch support are so expensive. I can afford okabashi and buy several-many pairs!! Thank you sooooo much for supporting my feet! ❤️ love this company!!!! - Tara

Customer testimonial women's slide and flip flops Okabashi  

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June 11, 2018 — Melissa Crane
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