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What Kind of Dad Do You Have?

June 04, 2018

What kind of dad do you have? The Sporty dad? The grill master or the fashion disaster? Lucky for you and your dad's feet, Okabashi's flip flops can provide stylish, comfortable, and sustainable shoes for all types of dads this Father's Day! You know how the saying goes: "Behind every good kid is a great father. Behind every great father is a pair of Okabashi flip flops"

The Sporty dad: No matter how hard you try, you can't stop this dad from watching his favorite sports teams every week. This Father's Day you can get your sport's fanatic a shoe he can wear to all sporting events. Watching sports isn't enough for this guy, he loves to play, talk about, and even coach the kids any chance he gets. Okabashi provides breathable, easy to clean shoes for your dad to transition in and out of for pre/post game shoes. Give coach a supportive shoe so he can focus on supporting you! Eurosport, $18.99

Okabashi Eurosport Men's Sandal

Grill master: The grill master needs a flipflop to match his fake, hairy-chested apron. This dad takes great pride in his grilling and won't stop until it is cooked and marinated to perfection. Because of this he is not quick to accept help with the meal preparation for his friends and family. This Father's Day help him out with an offer he cannot refuse with Okabashi's flipflops so that he can grill in comfort and style. Surf, $18.99

Okabashi Surf Men's Flip Flop, Brown

Mister Hipster: From finding the healthiest food at the organic supermarket to charging up his eco-friendly smart car, no matter what it is, this hipster dad will go crazy over our 100% recyclable shoes. Now instead of going barefoot to decrease waste in landfills, hipster dad can protect his feet and the environment with Okabashi flip flops! Torino, $18.99

Okabashi Torino Men's Sandal Slide, Brown

Dancing dad: Everyone loves the dad who is "busting a move" any chance he can. Although his children are most likely horrified with embarrassment, nothing can stop this dancing dad from having a good time. There is no doubt that he will be trying out his new moves this Father's Day, so why not get him a comfortable, sturdy shoe to guide him through each step. Eurosport, $18.99

Okabashi Eurosport Men's Sandal, Black

Fashion disaster: This dad is easy to spot; he is usually stuck in a fashion trend from years ago or has unsuccessfully tried to create his own. You can't help but love him and his naivety to fashion. He prefers comfort over style, and fortunately for you and him, Okabashi has flip flops that are both! Help this guy out and give him a few pairs of flip flops that will satisfy his comfort as well as improve his wardrobe. Indigo Classic, $21.99

Okabashi Indigo Classic Men's Flip Flop

Outdoors dad: Without a doubt this dad will be spending Father's day outside. Whether it is a camping trip with the family or spending a peaceful afternoon fishing on the lake, you will find him out in nature. What he needs for these outdoors activities is a sturdy, comfortable, and eco-friendly shoe so that he can truly be one with nature on his special day. Surf, $18.99

Okabashi Surf Men's Flip Flop, Green

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