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April 20, 2012

Okabashi Brands Inc. announces expansion into private label and new jobs created

Friday, April 20, 2012- Buford, GA: Okabashi Brands announced today its expansion into private label and the effects on the local community.

Okabashi employees, members of the Gwinnett County Chamber, and key invited guests were on hand to discuss the jobs and business growth in Gwinnett County based on the 28 year-old brand’s expansion. The new development into private label aims to add an additional 150 new jobs to the State and is working to bring a number of companies back to being “made in America” while maintaining competitive production costs.

Okabashi CEO, Bahman Irvani, addresses the development, “Years ago we would hear about factories closing every week… somehow Okabashi has survived thanks to the hard work our team put in and our quality of manufacturing.  Finally 28 years later trends are different-now the tide is turning back to being American made.   This is where Okabashi comes in.”

Gwinnett County and Buford City officials, Chairman Charlotte Nash and Chairman Phillip Beard spoke to the attendees in support of the expansion announcement.

“I’m proud that a company like Okabashi is thriving right here in Gwinnett County and grateful for the new jobs this expansion will create. Okabashi is doing many things right – providing a great product at a great price, providing good jobs for local residents, making sound investments for the future, and doing it all in ways that are sensitive to the environment,” said Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners Chairman Charlotte Nash.


About Okabashi Brands, Inc. 

Okabashi Brands is the leading U.S. based manufacturer of eco friendly casual footwear and sold in over 20,000 stores worldwide. The company produces shoes that are recyclable, waterproof, non-slip and ergonomically designed with massaging foot beds at price points under $50.  Founded in 1984, Okabashi Brands prides itself on being recyclable, USA-made and 100% comfortable.

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