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American-Made Comfort Shoes


Okabashi has been known for our American-made comfort shoes since 1984. We make the most comfortable flip-flops and sandals on the principles of foot wellness and reflexology. Through our closed-loop manufacturing process, we’re able to make environmentally sustainable and wonderfully comfortable footwear in popular designs at low costs. We use a recyclable, proprietary material to manufacture our American-made comfort shoes, giving our footwear greater durability without loss of functionality.

Instead of buying beach or shower footwear that only lasts a few months at most, consider our sustainable flip-flops. All our products are made with environmentally friendly and recyclable materials, and they come with a two-year guarantee, so you know you’re purchasing a product that lasts. Shop our American-made comfort shoes and other footwear now!

Size Chart
Adult Sizing
Women (US) Men (US) Okabashi Size
5-6   S
6.5-7.5 5.5-6.5 M
8-9 6.5-7.5 ML
9.5-10.5 8-8.5 L
11-12 9-10 LL
  10.5-11.5 XL
  12-13 XXL
Kids Sizing
Size (US) EU Shoe Width (Inches) Shoe Length (Inches)
5 20 2.5 5.5
6 22 2.6 5.8
7 23 2.6 6.2
8 24 2.7 6.5
9 25 2.8 6.8
10 27 2.9 7.2
11 28 3.0 7.5
12 30 3.0 7.8

For questions about our sizing system, please call customer service at 800.443.6573 or email us at