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Our Team

We love our Okabashi family! Our female leadership team is dedicated to creating a safe and happy work environment, going above and beyond stringent US standards to create opportunity and community for our diverse 200 employees, including veterans.

Our Facility

We are proud to be part of the remaining 1% of shoe manufacturers in the USA. At our 100,000-square-foot production facility, we have the capacity to manufacture up to 10,000 pairs of shoes a day. Since our opening in 1984 we've produced over 35 million pairs of shoes - that's a lot of shoes!

Buford is unique in its strength of logistics, and its proximity to warmer markets is key for a sandal company - and of course, our southern roots. Our shoes travel 93 percent less than the average imported shoe, which results in a huge carbon footprint reduction.

A Small Town With A Big History

Our factory and office is located in beautiful Buford, Georgia - approximately 45 minutes from the bustling city of Atlanta. Once known as the "Leather City," Buford has a footwear legacy: A large shoe factory operated there until 1941 and reopened to serve the military during World War II.

By 1943, 1.5 million pairs of shoes had been rebuilt there, and 700 civilian employees churned out 6,000 pairs of shoes per day. The Tannery Row campus closed shortly after the war.


Why Choose Okabashi?

Made in USA

Handcrafted in Buford, GA, we're proud to be in the remaining 1% of US footwear manufacturers.


Our material is vegan, cruelty-free, and 100% recyclable. Scraps and non-saleable returns are turned into new product.

Easy to Clean

Our sandals will not shrink and the colors will not fade, no matter how often you wash them. Bye, germs!

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