In today's high fashion world, shoes designed with foot care in mind often take a back seat to the stylized perception of how a shoe should look and the image that it should present. Each year millions of shoes are created by designers with a keen sense of new trends in fashion, but with little or no knowledge about the health or well-being of the human foot. Medical experts around the world agree that the majority of foot care related problems are the result of ill-fitting shoes.

Okabashi takes a very different approach to footwear design. Starting with a basic understanding of the anatomic structure and functionality of the foot, a unique footwear product is created based on the belief that good health starts from the foot up.

Supportive Contours

Superior arch support and a heel cup promote proper alignment of the feet and spine. This can minimize strain on the knees, hips, and back and result in pain relief from several ailments. A toe rest prevents feet from sliding forward, allowing a more sure-footed step.

Supportive Contours

Reflexology-Inspired Massage Beads

Massaging beads are strategically placed across the foot-bed of each shoe to stimulate different areas of the sole. This component of our shoe design is based on the principles of Reflexology. The beads add another element of full-body comfort while promoting better circulation.

Signature Microplast Material

Microplast is a specially formulated, patented, and recyclable blend of plastics that is far more durable than the plastics used in other, similar shoes and sandals. Our material is unique in that it is soft, flexible, non-slip, odor-resistant, and dishwasher safe.