Shower time should be relaxing and hygienic, but stepping into communal showers or wet environments can sometimes raise concerns about cleanliness and foot protection. Enter Okabashi's range of shower shoes, designed to enhance your shower experience while prioritizing comfort and hygiene. Pick up a pair of quick-drying, slip-resistant sandals to ease your worries!

Why Choose Okabashi Shower Shoes?

1. Superior Hygiene

Our shower shoes are crafted with materials that are easy to clean and quick to dry. This feature helps prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, ensuring a hygienic environment for your feet, whether you're at the dorm, gym, pool, or any shared shower space.

2. Slip-Resistant Design

Safety is paramount, especially in wet environments. Okabashi's shower shoes are equipped with slip-resistant soles, providing reliable traction on wet surfaces. This feature minimizes the risk of slips and falls, offering you peace of mind during your shower time.

3. Comfortable and Durable

Constructed with comfort in mind, Okabashi's shower shoes feature a comfortable footbed and sturdy construction. Their ergonomic design ensures a snug fit while providing the necessary support for your feet, making your shower experience more enjoyable.


Beyond functionality, Okabashi prioritizes sustainability and eco-friendliness. Our eco-friendly shower shoes are made using recyclable materials, reflecting our commitment to both comfort and environmental consciousness. Additionally, the durability of these shoes means you're investing in long-lasting, reliable footwear.

Okabashi's shower shoes offer a perfect blend of functionality and comfort, catering to the needs of individuals seeking hygienic and reliable footwear for their shower routines. With our easy-to-clean, slip-resistant, and comfortable design, these shoes ensure a worry-free and pleasant shower experience. Whether you're hitting the gym, heading to the pool, or simply prefer a more hygienic shower experience at home or in your dorm, Okabashi's shower shoes are an ideal choice for all your needs. 

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Why Choose Okabashi?

Made in USA

Handcrafted in Buford, GA, we're proud to be in the remaining 1% of US footwear manufacturers in the United States.


Our material is vegan, cruelty-free, and 100% recyclable. Scraps and non-saleable returns are turned into new product.

Easy Care

Our sandals will not shrink and the colors will not fade, no matter how often you wash them. Bye, germs!