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Women's Shoes

Women's Comfort Footwear and Flip Flops

Embark on your next beachfront adventure, find real relief from foot pain, or discover a new favorite for everyday use with our women’s comfort footwear and flip-flops. Perfect for warm-weather activities, going to the pool, an evening stroll, and other relaxing uses, Okabashi products offer support for your entire foot. Our sustainable footwear comes with heel cups to prevent side-to-side movement while you’re walking and footbed massage beads to promote stronger circulation.
Our comfortable flip-flops for women come in over a dozen different styles and multiple colors to ensure you find one you love. Everyone deserves to have comfortable feet. Our women’s comfort footwear and flip-flops are designed for foot health and fitness recovery, both of which are inspired by reflexology. Shop our flip-flops and wellness shoes for women below

Size Chart
Adult Sizing
Women (US) Men (US) Okabashi Size
5-6   S
6.5-7.5 5.5-6.5 M
8-9 6.5-7.5 ML
9.5-10.5 8-8.5 L
11-12 9-10 LL
  10.5-11.5 XL
  12-13 XXL
Kids Sizing
Size (US) EU Shoe Width (Inches) Shoe Length (Inches)
5 20 2.5 5.5
6 22 2.6 5.8
7 23 2.6 6.2
8 24 2.7 6.5
9 25 2.8 6.8
10 27 2.9 7.2
11 28 3.0 7.5
12 30 3.0 7.8

For questions about our sizing system, please call customer service at 800.443.6573 or email us at