The shoes that you wear on your feet are important— and not just as a fashion statement! Wearing the wrong shoes can harm your feet, put you at risk for slips and falls, and even affect your spine and muscles.

Potential foot problems that could arise from wearing shoes without proper support could include plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and tendinitis. 

How can you avoid painful, costly mistakes and choose shoes that are good for your feet?  

4 tips to choosing a foot healthy shoe.

Arch support. Lack of arch support causes fatigue in the foot and can put a strain on ankles and knees. If you have high arches, arch support is especially important to keep your feet strong and healthy.

Men's Sandal with Arch Support Eurosport Okabashi

Heel support. All Okabashi shoes have cupped heel support to keep heels from sliding to the side, promoting proper spinal alignment. Heels that slide to the side can cause ankle, knee and spine alignment problems.

Men's Black Sandal with supportive footbed Okabashi
Non-slip soles
. We’ve all seen someone slip and fall in high-fashion shoes, even regular flip flops become impossible to walk with once they get wet. Make sure any shoes you’ll be wearing have safe, non-slip soles for slippery floors or uneven terrain.

Women's flip flop sandal non slip surface Okabashi

Toe rests. In open shoes, look for a toe rest, which will keep feet from sliding forward too far when you walk, resulting in unsteady steps. All Okabashi shoes have toe rests for safety and to promote proper alignment.

Women's Flip Flop Toe Detail Okabashi

Recommended Shoes

All Okabashi shoes have arch support, heel support toe rests and non-slip soles. Here are a few of our most popular styles. 

Women's Shoe Style Venice with Arch Support Okabashi Men's shoe with arch support Eurosport Okabashi Women's flip flop with arch support Maui Okabashi
Women's Venice Slide Men's Eurosport Sandal Women's Maui Flip Flop
March 21, 2018 — Melissa Crane