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Okabashi Shoes Are Made for Summer Vacation

Okabashi shoes and summer vacation were made for each other.
Airport Friendly: Okabashi flip flops and sandals are secure enough run through the airport, with luggage in tow, yet easy to remove and put back on after TSA screening.
Poolside Ready: Water resistant and slip resistant, go from the beach to brunch. Give them a quick rinse or wipe down and they are ready to keep on going!
Comfortable: With arch and heel support, give your feet all day comfort while on vacation
Durable: Made with long-lasting material, these shoes will carry you through the whole summer. And next summer too!

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size chart

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Okabashi Size USA Women's Shoe Size USA Men's Shoe Size
 S  5.0 - 6.0  
 M  6.5 - 7.5  5.5 - 6.5
 ML  8.0 - 9.0  6.5 - 7.5
 L  9.5 - 10.5  8.0 - 8.5
 LL  11.0 - 12.0  9.0 - 10.0
 XL    10.5 - 11.5
 XXL    12.0 - 13.0