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The Perfect Shower Shoes

July 30, 2018

Sending a loved one off to college this fall? In most cases, living the dorm life also means living the community bathroom life. The last thing you should worry about when sending your kids to college is the cleanliness of their feet.

Or maybe you need a shower shoe for yourself? You're headed to the gym before work or errands, and you need to get a shower in before starting your day. 

A shower shoe is highly recommended in these environments. The importance of finding a good shower shoe is commonly overlooked. It can save you money and time during your busy schedules.

Men's flip flops perfect shower shoes Okabashi

Top 5 things to look for in a shower shoe:

Hint: Okabashi shoes have all of these qualities. 

1.Slip resistant: We have all once slipped on some soap in the shower and it wasn’t pretty. We have learned our lesson, but the wrong flip flops/sandals in the shower can increase the chances of slipping. Not only can this be dangerous, but it can also leave a nasty bruise. Shower shoes are supposed to protect you.

2. Water resistant: Obvious, but important. If you don’t pick water resistant shoes then, you will have to wait for them to dry which can take up to days. This can be inconvenient looking another pair of shower shoes last minute especially if you’re in a rush. Non water resistant shoes become stiff, and in some cases ruined. Save yourself time getting ready and money on multiple pairs of shoes.

3. Easy to clean: A shower shoe shouldn't be difficult to wash. Most if not all of the dirt will come off in the shower. You shouldn’t have to add extra time in your day dedicated to rewashing your shower shoes.

4. Durable: Durability is a common issue that comes with purchasing cheap flip flops every few months until the next pair breaks. Having to constantly buy new shoes is waste of time and money. Invest in a pair that will last you for years

If a shoe breaks in the shower, this could end in a variety of ways, and are you just going to take a shower standing on one foot?

5. Comfortable: Comfort is one of the most important qualities in looking for any shoe but especially those you will be wearing in water. Wearing certain shoes in water can cause it to rub your feet causing blisters. Once you have a blister you usually don’t wear those shoes to avoid further irritation. There you go, back to the store to buy another pair.

The best shower shoes Okabashi

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