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Which flip flops should you pick for your summer vacation?

May 15, 2018

If you're like us and get giddy with the warmer weather and the longer days. Now, it's time to get flip flops and sandals out and free your toes from those heavy winter boots. 

It's important to choose summer footwear that are good for your feet. With all of the fun you will be having outdoors, the last thing you should worry about is whether your new sandals are going to hold up or fail to protect your feet.  

Our recommendations for the best flip flops for your summer activities. 

Flip Flops for Urban use

For those who love wearing their flip flops and sandals everyday, from the coffee shop to the backyard barbecue.

Indigo Classic men's brown flip flop okabashi shoes
Splash - Our most chic women’s flip flop with an elevated heel for an extra lift. Indigo Classic - Two piece classic men's flip flop designed for everyday wear

Flip Flops for Water activities

If your priority this summer is to be near the water at the beach or the pool, these flip flops provide style and plenty of traction when they get wet.

Marina women's flip flop Okabashi shoes Surf Men's navy flip flops Okabashi shoes
Marina - Two piece women’s flip flop that is slip and water resistant and ready for the sun Surf - Water resistant and waiting for you after you catch that wave


Flip Flops to Wear Off Pavement

Walking to your next fishing spot or sightseeing location, these flip flops handle uneven terrain and hug your feet, providing support and comfort all day long.

Maui Women's flip flops Okabashi shoes Surf men's flip flops Okabashi shoes
Maui - Our best selling women’s flip flop will be your new best friend this summer Surf - With arch support better than most sneakers, this flip flop is ready for anything

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